The Miinto group expands it’s international market even further and will launch in Spain this April with it’s own domain

Miinto began with great success in its home country, increasing the number of boutiques and brands represented rapidly from 0 to 100 in less than a year. Currently, just four years later, Miinto has opened in three other countries, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and, now, Spain. Spain is the latest country where Miinto has landed to offer its expertise in online marketing, offering a new visibility to Spanish fashion stores.

This exciting arrival, particularly during this challenging economic climate, offers boutiques a new channel to sell their products and thereby helping them to reach a wider audience with increased sales opportunities. The experience of Miinto’s established marketing and online sales techniques fuses with the knowledge of the Spanish boutiques to offer consumers a new and very attractive method of purchase.

The reaction to Miinto landing in Spain is already very positive, having closed agreements with fashion brand emporium Diesel, representing their 6 flagship stores in Spain, and also with such prestigious stores including Yube, Double AA, Garcia Madríd, Timberland, Clarks and True Religion. To date, has already reached agreements with more than 50 stores.

This encouraging response is a direct reaction to Miinto’s successful track record and its innovative business model. The Miinto group expect to achieve an equally high performance in the Spanish market. These boutiques join other European shops that have already partnered with Miinto such as Fred Perry, Ted Baker, Diesel, Moschino, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Nike. The Miinto group currently works with 2,200 stores, 38,000 brands and offers more than 200,000 across the online portal that serves the independent boutiques.

Morten Larsen, Miinto Group CEO, comments, “Miinto gives fashion businesses the opportunity to compete in the digital world. We have the perfect combination between the experience of the boutiques in fashion and our experience in marketing and internet to enrich the online fashion market with a different and renewed offer.”

Many boutiques do not have an online portal because of the large investment required in both time and money along with their lack of experience and resources. Miinto tackles this issue head on, offering a solution by taking care of getting the shop operative online through photographing all products professionally, uploading these photos to the site, preparing brand descriptions and managing logistics and marketing. Miinto also helps boutiques that already have online outlets to reach more consumers through their marketing and advertising strategies.

Without having to devote significant amounts of extra time, boutiques are finding that their number of customers increases significantly and that they are in a position to compete with the big retail chains online. The arrival of Miinto in other markets has always been positively welcomed because of the facilities and advantages it offers to the individual boutiques and expectations that the concept will be just as successful in Spain are high.

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