Unique Business Model

We are not doing things like the others.

The advantage of the Miinto concept – which we like to see as a fashion network – is that we are strengthened through collaborations meaning independent boutiques united in the Miinto community. And the more partners, we have, the better our webshop gets.

Right now we are showcasing more than 238.000 products, several thousands of brands and more than 1.000 partners in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark combined.

When you order from Miinto you get your items delivered directly from the boutiques straight to your own door. Offering a diversity of brands from hundreds of passionate shop owners from all over the country.


How does it work for the boutiques?

The business model for Miinto is quite simple and transparent. We want only to earn money on the sales we create for our partner shops. That is, we take a commission for the sales that the store accepts. For us to make money, we depend on our partners to make money.


A continually growing interest

We experience a growing interest from the retailers showing us that many of them do realize the importance of adapting when it comes to consumer behaviour. A notable share of the shops we sign is based on worth of mouth – already signed retailers who recommends us to their network. Recommendations based on the fact that they can actually see an increase in their revenue after getting on Miinto. So the ones that might not have realised the importance just yet may have seen how omnichannel is quite the game changer for some of their colleagues out there making it obvious how omnichannel must be seen as a collaborator supporting your business.


Shop Local

Right now, many physical fashion boutiques experience a lot of pressure from the online (and foreign) giants which unfortunately may result in stores closing down because they can not compete on equal terms and do not have the same resources and the same knowledge about doing business online. We see the stores as partners and provide them with the possibility of an online platform where we take care of basically everything while they put their products on our site. It gives them the possibility of an additional sales channel that goes out to new customers throughout the country and not just their local area. We are experiencing great success with our concept because it is transparent, sympathetic and sustainable. A concept with many potentials for the future of fashion and a solution to how shops might survive and thrive in the long run.


We need both online and offline

Online shopping is here to stay – but we want to support the shops while giving the customers the online option. We strongly believe there’s still a need for the possibility to shop local and physical as customers still want the option. But the omnichannel is a very important step when it comes to how consumers shop and how their demands increase for range and convenience. We have some great projects in the pipeline that will use the offline retail-landscape as a big advantage giving the customers even more options when shopping and even more convenience. The combination of offline and online is what made Miinto what it is and what makes it successful. The customers like the fact that they can shop at an actual retailer (some because of the feeling of security when buying locally from a shop owner you may already know and some based on the fact that they want to support local shops instead of handing over money to foreign markets) while doing it the easy way over the internet.