Online shopping with a purpose


Miinto is hosting hundreds of physical boutiques creating an inspirational experience, offering a wide selection of styles and items. This forms a synthesis between brand, shop and customer. The omnichannel is here to stay and we strive to do it in the best way possible. Miinto – shop local online.

5.5bn DKK

is the increase in Danish consumer spend in foreign web shops in 2016 where a total of 32.4 billion DKK was spent abroad.
– FDIH, Feb 17 


of the Danish fashion shops are in risk of bankruptcy and only 33% of the shops are considered having a “healthy” economy.
– Deloitte, Feb 17 


Swedish people working in the retail industry will loose their job by 2025 while the industry predicts the closing of 5-10.000 shops.
– Svensk Handel, Jan 17


of all Norwegian online shopping is done in foreign web shops.
– Virke eHandelsbarometer, 16

Miinto is a fashion network created for all the fashion-forward consumers who demands the same high level service and experience as when they are shopping at their local shops offline.